Full Contact 2/26/12–Part 3 Interview with Ann Romney

Full Contact 7-3 2-26

Stu Sandler interviewed Ann Romney, former First Lady of Massachusetts and wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Ann Romney talked about Michigan being their home state and criticism by some towards that notion;  how Mitt Romney responded to Ann’s past health challenges; what kind of father Mitt Romney is; and why Michigan should vote for Mitt Romney for President.

Matt Davis and Stu Sandler talk about the upcoming primary and Big Ten basketball.

Interview with Ann Romney

ann romney on full contact

Full Contact’s Stu Sandler interviewed former Massachusetts First Lady Ann Romney, wife of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.  Ann talked about Michigan being the couple’s home state; how Ann and Mitt dealt with her past health challenges; what Mitt is like as a father; and why she believes Mitt Romney would be the best candidate for President.